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MyClays by Hunter Joe

World's Best Selling Scoring App for Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap, 5-Stand and FITASC


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Score Trap (Singles & Doubles), Skeet (US & Olympic), Sporting Clays, 5 Stand and FITASC with full rules implementation.

Rich menu of Sporting Clays bird types allow you to accurately describe every station and track performance.
My Clays gives you login access to a private website that houses a comprehensive database of all your shooting activities. Powerful analytics will help pin point your weak shots and track your performance over time.
Bring the social aspect back into the game by sharing your scores via email or posting them on your Facebook wall.
Share with other squad members or friends and help spread the love of the sport.

Crowd-sourced club directory

Crowd-sourced, GPS-enabled, Directory of shooting clubs all around the world. Get information on club facilities and call, email, or get driving direction right from the app.

Your favorite place not in the directory? Submit it for inclusion in our global database.

Simple or Advanced mode

New sporting clays simple mode with 10 most popular bird configuration. Or use the advanced mode with full control over bird source, direction, and type.

Flexible navigation, one-click scoring, jump to any station, and, where applicable, automatic squad rotation.

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