My Clays by Hunter Joe

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My Clays - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I upgraded my phone and want to connect my new device to the existing account!
A: Download latest app (V1.4 or later). Select "Existing Account" then enter username and password

Q: Can I have multiple devices connected to the same account?
A: Yes. Just use account login information to register all devices. All rounds uploaded are consolidated into a single view.

Q: Can I have skip a station if it's occupied or not working then come back to it later?
A: You can skip a station: Just touch the top right menu button (“…”) then choose Next Station. It will move you to the next station. You can touch Previous Station at any point to go back and shoot the skipped station.
NB: If you skip a station completely and finalize the round the app will not include the skipped station in the scoring.

Q: Do you support ALL Android phones?

A: We support most Android devices version 2.2 or higher. We support small screen devices such as the Motorola Droid Pro, larger devices such as HTC Sensation, and of course normal Android phone.

Q: How about tablet support?
A: We support all tablet devices including iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Kindle Fire, and other Android tablet. However, the app does not, as of yet, take advantage of the larger screen area. This is being considered for planned future releases.

Q: How about non-english language support?
A: Sorry, we support only the North America version of English. We simply do not have the resourced to invest in multi-language versions of this app.

Q: Do I need to supply all bird information for this app to operate correctly?
A: No. All you need is the number of stations in a course and the number of birds in a station. All other information can remain blank.
Note: we recommend that you enter as much as you can to ensure accurate and usefull statitics.

Q: The app seems to email the round correctly by I never receive it in my inbox. What gives?
A: Your spam filter is the most likely culprit. Add to your non-spam list and presto,all emails will now appear in your inbox.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: We only use supplied emails to send scorecards and other app-related notifications.

Q: I need to change the email address of my registration
A: Unfortunately the only way to do this is to erase all the app data.
  • Android: Go to Android Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications. Select My Clays and click Clear Data. The app will ask for registration the next time it runs.
  • iOS: Uninstall the app via iTunes, then reinstall it

NOTE: Since all statistics are keyed off the email address, changing it would prevent accurate display of stat data and is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED


Q: Can I delete a round from my History?
A: Open the round, and click the menu button then select delete to remove round. Rounds uploaded to can also be deleted (open round -> Misc Tab -> Delete button)

Q: I need more help. What are my options??
A: You can email us at: We will get back to you within 2-3 business day.