How it works

 My Clays is a fully integrated system that combines a multi-platform app, cloud storage, and a traditional private website.

MyClays Data Flow

Scores captured on app are automatically sent to the cloud for permanent storage. Our servers then forward the score card to all shooters with valid email address. You can access all your data at any time by logging in to


 Access to is created when the app is first registered. Once an account is created, all further account management functions such as password reset are performed online and not from the app itself.


If you wipe your data, replace your phone, or install the app on another device, your new app can be linked to an existing MyClays account by simply providing a valid username in the registration box.


App Navigation & Settings

 MyClays is designed to have a consistent look and feel across many mobile platforms. Some of which differ in how they handle navigation. This creates a compromise that isn’t 100% in line with UI guidelines of any individual platform. Here’s what you need to know:

MyClays Header Navigation

Every screen has a header bar that contains two critical buttons: The app is configured to automatically send all shot rounds to cloud storage, and to prevent the phone from locking its screen during a round. These settings are convenient but tax your battery life, especially on long Sporting Clays rounds. You can change these options by selecting the ‘Settings’ menu option from the home screen.


Course setup & Squad Rotation

Courses can be setup ahead of time, just before a round starts, or in some cases after the round is finished. Though the app can collect a lot of information about station and bird configurations, you only need to supply only two items: number of stations on the course, and, for Sporting Clays, the number of bird for each station.

Course Configuration Screen

We recommend you supply as much information as possible as the number to ensure your statistics are as accurate as possible. For Sporting Clays you can specify the trigger type as well as the configuration for the first and second bird.

Sporting Clays Station Configuration

For FITASC & 5 Stand, you can specify the number of trap (labeled A-Z) used on the course, the number of doubles, as well as the type of bird each trap throws.

FITASC/Parcour to Chasse

Though squad rotation is fully implemented by the app for all supported game types, it is important to select the shooting order properly. Once a round starts shooting order can no longer be changed

Multi-game tournaments

We will be working on an advanced version of MyClays to support tournaments and multi-game scoring. In the interim, this version introduces, by populate deman, the ability to rotate the squad order between games. From the Squad Selection screen hit the menu button ("..." on iOS) and select "Rotate Squad Right" or "Rotate Squad Left" to change the rotation of the squad.


Sporting Clays Special cases

Sporting Clays are played across a large course with many stations subject to failure. MyClays allows you the flexibility of skipping stations (squad rotation must be maintained), or adding additional stations at the end of a course. Though MyClays does not take all problem cases into consideration, we’ve tried hard to account for 90% of the problems that you might encounter during a shoot. If you think of a way of improving this app please contact us at